My name is Samantha
And I want you to live your best life


I am a Certified Hypnotist, Holistic Nutritionist, and Reiki Practitioner and I empower you to take your health and wellbeing into your own hands. It’s all connected - your physical, mental, emotional, and energetic body. When one aspect of ourselves is out of balance, the rest of our livelihood suffers.

My passion is helping clients create lives of good health, abundance, love, fulfillment, and enjoyment. We do this by bringing you into alignment first and ensuring that your physical, mental, and energetic bodies are in the right place and are properly supported.

I am a strong believer that healing begins with a shift in perspective.

Through Hypnosis, we unearth resistance or limited thinking, which may be keeping you stuck, where others seem to succeed. We make impressionable suggestions to your subconscious mind that help you change your responses, behaviors, and beliefs to ones that are favorable and align with your goals and ambitions.

The truth is we are all worthy of the things we want in life. All it takes is being able to see your full potential.

Through Holistic Health Coaching, I am able to identify areas in your life that are out of balance and need work. Together, we come up with attainable goals and develop a roadmap for you to achieve them. We take a look at what you are feeding yourself, from food to thoughts and everything in between. We crowd out healthy habits that honor your bioindividuality and nourish your body, mind, and soul.

I teach many of my clients how to practice self-care, self-soothing techniques, incorporate energy healing protection and practices into their lives, eat for their health, step into confidence, overcome fears that hold them back, and recognize their self-worth. I believe in using various healing modalities like Reiki and Hypnosis in my practice to provide both immediate and long-term relief.

Schedule a free consultation with me to get to know my current program offerings to help you finally start achieving your goals.