Joy of Life Grid

When we use a crystal grid, we are bringing together the power of our intention, the earth’s crystals and sacred geometry to bring about a specific desired outcome. 

The building blocks of creation itself are founded in geometry. As all things and beings in the universe carry a distinct vibration that is constantly in motion and changing. When our vibration is out of sync with the vibration of what we desire, we experience having what we want as difficult.

To feel sad when difficult situations arise is normal. Almost all of us will feel sad over a breakup, over the loss of someone we love due to relocation, death or even a misunderstanding. There are moments in life when feeling sad is an appropriate response. When sadness and depression begin to affect our daily lives, we must take notice. prolonged feelings of sadness and depression can affect the way we sleep, the way we eat, how we engage with our work, our families and our friends. It can affect the way we talk to ourselves and how motivated we are to live our lives. When we have felt sad for a long time, we can begin to experience feelings of apathy and become more and more secluded and isolated. Finding balance in the four bodies (physical, mental, emotional and energetic) can be life changing. Seeking the help of a trained professional or confiding in a close friend are both important steps to finding your joy again. Crystal grids come in to create a way to activate the energetic body to find happiness again.

Who this is for:

  • Those who struggle to feel happy
  • People who are mourning the loss of someone they love
  • Those overcoming a breakup
  • People who find themselves apathetic about life

What is included:

  • Smudge stick
  • Crystals grid block
  • Crystals
  • Meditation Audio
  • Instructions
purchase | $167

Notice on Covid-19

Keeping in mind city and state guidance, this retreat is fully refundable should there be gathering prohibitions. Should there be occupancy restrictions, the tickets will be honored on a first purchase basis. For example, if 30 tickets are sold but the state restricts to only 15 person gatherings, the first 15 tickets will be honored, the rest will be refunded.

There are really no words to describe the experience with Patty, she was everything I needed, I am back to being optimistic and happy the way i haven’t been in a long time and i am again looking forward to life.

— Alina