Hypnotherapy Certification

Tue, February 15, 2022

Certification for Hypnosis and Hypnotherapy provided by the International Association of Counselors and Therapists

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During this six day training you will learn and practice the skills needed to become a succesful hypnotherapist. Some of the topics we will cover are listed below. 

  1. Understanding the subconscious mind
  2. How to speak the language of the subconscious
  3. Self-hypnosis
  4. Mndfulness meditation practices
  5. Laws of mental effect
  6. Amending negative thoughts
  7. Suggestion therapy methods
  8. Hypnotherapeutic model of the mind
  9. Direct and Indirect hypnosis techniques
  10. How beliefs influence the autonomic nervous system
  11. How to uild a succesful hypnosis practice
  12. How language shapes our life experience
  13. Eliminating fears and phobias
  14. Kinestetic anchors
  15. Healing and interactive imagery
  16. Clearing the roadblocks to healing
  17. Healing birth trauma
  18. Regression therapy
  19. Personal empowerment through hypnosis
  20. Building sself esteem
  21. Basic Neuro-linguistic Programming techniques
  22. Trauma reversal

There will be hands on, interactive and supervised practice for each student. You will learn applicable skills to have successful, client-focused sessions. You will receive in-depth instruction on the most advanced and efficient methodologies for success. 

The 6 day class will be distributed as 20% lecture, 20% live demonstration and 60% hands-on supervised practice. This class is perfect for those who have a desire to better understand the human mind, to help clients reach their highest potential quickly. The class is open to licenced therapists as well as western and holistic wellness practitioners with no therapeutic background. Three months after the completion of the five day training, there will be a two day practice where students will come together to fine tune their skills and seek guidance. 

This training is brought to you by Coral Gables Hypnosis and the International Association of Counselors and Therapists. The training facilitator is Patty Fuenzalida, Board Certified Hypnotherapist.

More abour Patty:

Patty Fuenzalida is the founder of Coral Gables Hypnosis in Miami. Before beginning her work as a coach and entrepreneur, Patty served as a sales leader for various US corporations. She spent 15 years training and leading sales professionals to create the results they want. Her commitment to empowering others led her to become a consulting hypnotist, where she has worked for the past twelve years. Along with her background in psychology, she is also a certified Unitarian Reiki practitioner and Master-level NLP practitioner (Neuro-Linguistic Programming), both or which she applies in her professional practice.

In her role as a hypnotist and coach, Patty has worked with hundreds of clients to overcome challenges ranging from anxiety and nervousness to sexual trauma and abuse. In her years of practice, she has found a consistent link between how her clients use language to speak to themselves and in their lives and the results they manifest in their daily lives and relationships.

Patty has a passion for creating community and empowerment via enlightened businesses. Devoted to freeing her clients and employees from the barriers that stop them from leading fulfilling lives, Patty is able to pull from her experience as a coach and from her industry experience to coach her clients on overcoming emotional, physical, energetic and mental obstacles.

Patty holds a BA from Florida International University. She is a Board Certified Hypnotist, and Approved Trainer and Facilitator with the International Association of Counselors and Therapists. She is an Ordained Minister, a Unitarian Reiki Master and a Master-Level NLP Practitioner. She is a Robbins-Madanes Trained Coach.

Outside of her work sphere, Patty is an avid outdoors woman, taking advantage of any opportunity to take off into nature and recharge. She is also head of her tribe, which includes her husband, three children, and Spirit, the German Shepherd. They all live together out in Redland, Florida.

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Enrollment is open now. Payment plans are available upon request. 

  1. Early bird pricing $2,790 (non-refundable deposit of $750 by 9/15/21)
  2. Regular pricing $3,200

This program is not eligible for special discount codes. For payment plans and for additional questions and details, please call us directly at (786) 913-6205

Notice on Covid-19

Keeping in mind city and state guidance, this retreat is fully refundable should there be gathering prohibitions. Should there be occupancy restrictions, the tickets will be honored on a first purchase basis. For example, if 30 tickets are sold but the state restricts to only 15 person gatherings, the first 15 tickets will be honored, the rest will be refunded.

event details
  • Tue, February 15, 2022
  • 10AM-6PM
  • Miami, FL
  • Enrollment is open now. Payment plans are available upon request.  Early bird pricing $2,790 (non-refundable deposit by 8/15/22) Regular pricing $3,200 Note the ticket price reflected on Eventbrite is ONLY the deposit pricing. Full pricing is listed above. This program is not eligible for special discount codes. For payment plans and for additional questions and details, please call us directly at (786) 913-6205
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There are really no words to describe the experience with Patty, she was everything I needed, I am back to being optimistic and happy the way i haven’t been in a long time and i am again looking forward to life.

— Alina