You know what you want. You’ve decided to go for it and even put a plan in place. Yet here you are, still not living the life you want. Why? What are the unconscious forces that prevent you from having the experiences you envision so clearly in your mind?

In order to overcome that which stops you, we get to lift the veil and discover what is stored in your unconscious mind. We get to become familiar with the automatic mechanisms that run your life.



When you engage in an automatic behavior like driving a car you are activating a learned pattern: a series of thoughts and actions you now experience as something you do automatically. There was a point where you first had to learn how to drive, adjust your seats to make yourself comfortable, adjust mirrors, place your hands at 10 and 2, and much more before even starting to drive.

Today you start your car while talking on the phone, eating a sandwich and balancing hot coffee all at the same time. This is mastery: a combination of practice and trust.


How do you know when your life has transformed? Getting clear on what transformation looks and feels like is where we begin and where we end. Many people, when asked what they want in life, will easily tell you what they no longer want to experience.

Many will have a difficult time identifying what they truly desire. Transformation comes through its definition, and the mastery of the tools needed to experience it.


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